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LAPF Funds Three New Police Service Dogs to Help Fight Crime

Thanks to a generous donation from the William H. Tilley Family Foundation, the LAPF has funded three new police service dogs for LAPD’s Metro K-9 Platoon to help enhance officer safety and help serve the community.
The LAPD's K-9 teams are often the first responders to critical incidents such as bomb threats, riots or armed suspect searches. They operate city-wide, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and each team responds to approximately 500 calls a year.

The dogs are integral to locating suspects, missing persons, drugs, and weapons that might never be found by humans. These teams are tasked with performing dangerous tactical missions while upholding officer, animal, and public safety.

The LAPF recently provided funding to the LAPD's Metro K-9 Platoon to purchase necessary equipment. Metro Sgt. Mike Goosby said, "Due to the current budget situation, if not for this funding, the Metro K-9 Platoon would be unable to provide an optimal level of service to the community, and officer safety would be at risk."

Sgt. Goosby said, "The additional dogs will replace retired K-9s and fill current vacancies. The K-9s will greatly assist in the location and apprehension of outstanding armed and/or felony suspects who would otherwise continue to terrorize the citizens of Los Angeles."

New Custom Built Dog Kennels Provide Needed Shelter for LAPD K-9s

Thanks to donations from The Walt Disney Company, Ceva Animal Health and additional donors, the LAPF was able to fund the construction of six custom built dog kennels for LAPD’s Metro K-9 Unit.

The six new wrought iron custom built dog kennels were constructed to replace several old, weather-beaten kennels that no longer provided the shelter the K-9s needed. The kennels are used for the daily care and primary housing of city-owned police K-9s. The safe and secure housing environments help reduce the risk of unwarranted medical issues and possible injuries to the dogs.

"The new kennels will ensure the Department K-9s receive the optimal care and maintenance," said Sgt. Goosby.

New Ballistic Shields and Ballistic Blankets Help Keep Officers and K-9s Safe in Hostile Environments

In 2011 a decorated veteran LAPD K-9 handler was shot in the jaw and shoulder while responding to a call. As a response to help provide the necessary protection needed during hostile calls, the LAPF funded six ballistic intruder shields and eighteen point blank ballistic blankets to provide an additional layer of protection for officers and their K-9s in tactical situations.  Access to the shields often varies depending on response time and preplanned SWAT operations.  The ballistic blankets are often used as an offensive tool, enabling the user to receive multiple projectile impacts while continuing to move forward.

Thanks to the generosity of the Ahmanson Foundation LAPD’s Metro K-9 Unit is just a little bit safer and so are our streets.

"Ballistic shields are used when no other cover is available for officers who must check or approach a structure, object or area. These will provide cover for the handler and K9 during a hostile incident," said Sgt. Goosby. Ballistic blankets are often used as an offensive tool, enabling the user to receive multiple projectile impacts while continuing to move forward.

Digital In-Car Video System

The LAPD is currently working on a plan to equip squad cars in their Central, West and Valley Bureaus with high quality color digital video cameras. These invaluable tools are meant to improve officer safety, accountability, enhance training, assist with prosecutions and protect officers from unwarranted complaints.

In January 2013 the LAPF provided funding for the purchase and installation of cameras for 126 vehicles, which will allow at least one Central Bureau station to go live with the in-car video system.  This equipment includes a front and back seat camera, wireless microphones, and the capability of uploading video content from the police vehicle to the housing unit maintained at the Community Police Station.

Funding is currently being sought to continue the project that roughly costs $7,900 per vehicle.

Specialized First Aid Training for
High-Risk Reserve Force

LAPD’s Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC) cadre members are a “ready reserve force” that responds to situations that involve active shooters, multiple assaults, terrorist activities and other immediate threats to public safety.

Because paramedics are unable to enter high risk areas, the LAPF funded the addition of 50 tourniquets, 25 hemostatic agents and 50 CPR masks to the MACTAC team’s trauma kits. These tools are necessary to render immediate life-saving trauma care to critically wounded officers and citizens during a high risk incident.

LAPF Supports LAPD's Off-Road Unit

LAPD's Off-Road Unit is an integral component of public safety in the San Fernando Valley, conducting off-road operations on Kawasaki dirt bikes throughout the 221.8 miles of rugged and rural SFV terrain. The LAPF recently funded safety equipment for the unit, which has access to terrain inaccessible to a typical patrol vehicle. The Unit responds to missing person cases, illegal off-roading, graffiti, litter, and homeless encampments which pose great risk to the area during fire season.

Click here for more Off-Road Unit photos.

LAPD Receives New Crime Scene Technology

The LAPF recently purchased the Leica Geosystems' TS15i Imaging Station for the LAPD's Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) Unit, which investigates every instance of deadly force by police officers. This robotic instrument allows for the laser-like precision mapping of crime scenes. "We get as many as seven callouts in a month, and we're at the scenes for up to 12 hours," said Sgt. Barbara Barrist, the officer in charge of the ISU explained, "The TS15i lets one officer do that work, instead of two, and the work they do is better and faster."

Click here for the article on this new technology featured in the San Francisco Gate.

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LAPF Sponsors LAPD's Winning
Elite Running Team

LAPD runners pose with the Baker to Vegas trophy, which is passed on to the winning team each year.

Since 1985, members of the LAPD have challenged to run the 120-mile Baker to Vegas Relay. On Saturday, April 21, LAPD set out from Baker, CA to race against 269 other law enforcement teams through the desert before reaching the finish line in Las Vegas, NV.

The LAPF is proud to have sponsored the LAPD’s Elite Running Team, which triumphed as the overall winners of the race for the first time in 10 years.

The Baker to Vegas Relay is the largest law enforcement event of its kind in the world. More than 25 years after the first relay, the original ideals of the race continue: teamwork, camaraderie, physical fitness, and healthy competition.

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LAPD Metro Division Receives Critical
Medical Training

Often times, active crime scenes prevent Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics from responding to an emergency. The Los Angeles Police Foundation provided funds for four LAPD Metro Division EMTs to attend the Special Tactics for Operational Rescue and Medicine (STORM) training, which will provide officers with the knowledge and ability to take action and save innocent lives.

The training teaches officers to perform rapid emergency medical assessments and how to extract and evacuate casualties quickly and efficiently. The STORM training addresses the three leading causes of preventable death in tactical situations: hemorrhage, pneumothorax and compromised airway.

LAPD Attends International Counter-Terrorism Conference

The LAPF provided funding for LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing, Commanding Officer of the LAPD's Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau (CTSOB), to attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Terrorism Committee Annual Meeting/Conference in Berlin.

The conference addressed Threat Overview in the United States, Homegrown Violent Extremism, Counter Radicalization, and the U.S. Department of Defense Cooperation with International Law Enforcement on Terrorism.

Meeting with international experts on counter-terrorism allows LAPD to better analyze the problem of terrorism and its implications for the law enforcement community, both domestically and internationally.

Leadership Training for the Los Angeles Women Police Officers Association (LAWPOA)

Photo: Author Lt. Col. Dave Grossman explores the subject of killology, the psychology of killing, with the LAWPOA Symposium audience.

The LAPF is proud to have been a sponsor of LAWPOA’s  Professional Training and Development Symposium, in which over 500 law enforcement personnel benefited from speakers addressing issues of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, assessing victim behavior and credibility, and alcohol and drug abuse.

Angeles Reynoso, First Vice President of LAWPOA, said, "The officers who attend LAWPOA's Symposium benefit by exclusive access to renowned authors and lecturers . This training broadens their skills, knowledge and expertise in their investigative, managerial and professional interactions with members of the community they proudly serve. We are grateful for all the support that the Foundation has given LAWPOA!"


Community Outreach

LAPD Hosts a Holiday Party for Abused Children

On December 18, LAPD's Juvenile Division hosted their 2nd Annual VOICE (Victims Overcoming Injustice of Child Abuse and Endangerment) Holiday Party. Over 100 children ages 2 - 17 who suffered physical abuse, child molestation/sexual abuse, and/or the murder of a sibling attended the party. The LAPF provided funding for food and drinks, decorations and entertainment. Special thanks to Rick Caruso of Caruso Affiliated and LAPF Board member Charlie Woo of MegaToys for donating holiday gifts for the children.

"During the three hour party, the children got to spend time having fun with the officers, helping to build lifelong happy memories for them. For the officers, it was an opportunity to be able to bring joy and some comfort to the children, and it allows the officers a way to cope with all the sadness they see the children go through when they respond to calls that involve abused children," said Detective Chris Ruedas.

iWATCH Program Hits L.A.’s Public Transportation

iWATCH is a community awareness program created to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism. Community support is crucial to disrupting terrorist activity, especially when comparing the small size of the Department to the populations of the city.

The LAPF funded the installation of iWATCH advertising cards in all City DASH and LADOT Commuter Express buses, a total of 267 active buses. Three cards on each bus are presented in English, Spanish and Korean.

LAPD 3rd Annual Cesar E. Chavez Commemorative Luncheon

The Cesar E. Chavez Commemorative Luncheon gathers community leaders, consuls general from several Latin American countries and LAPD to renew their commitment to social justice and respect for human dignity. The LAPF was a proud sponsor of this celebration that not only honors the life and triumphs of the civil rights leader, but celebrates the continued partnership between the LAPD, Latinos, and the community at large by creating a positive working relationship and open communication.

"Lock It, Hide It, Keep It"

The most common property theft crime in the San Fernando Valley is theft from a motor vehicle, costing an average of $1,885 in property loss per victim. The “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” campaign combats these crimes by informing the public of simple steps that will protect them from becoming victims.

The LAPF provided funding for additional banners, billboards and public service announcements to be placed in strategic locations.

“The campaign has been very instrumental in the LAPD’s crime prevention strategies,” said LAPD Sgt. Ruthann Scott.  “Any pro-active steps the community can take to assist with crime reduction will ultimately impact the quality of life within our communities.”

LAPD Featured in Internationally
Televised Parade

With funding from the Los Angeles Police Foundation, the Los Angeles Police Department was featured in the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade on January 2, 2012.  Thirty-seven members of LAPD participated in this internationally-recognized event, including Chief Charlie Beck, the Metro Mounted Unit, the Emerald Society Pipes and Drums Band, and the Color Guard.   
This parade is seen by approximately one billion spectators and viewers worldwide.  The Department’s participation was an excellent way to showcase the Los Angeles Police Department as a preeminent law enforcement agency while enhancing the LAPD's positive public image.

Click here to watch LAPD at the 2012 Rose Parade.

LAPD's 3rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast

Chief Beck presents an award to Reverend Cecil Murray, retired minister of the First AME Church, for his leadership in the community.

The MLK Breakfast celebrates the life, legacy and vision of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. with an annual breakfast at the University of Southern California.  This event marks the third year of the LAPD partnering with the community, USC and the Los Angeles Police Foundation in this celebration.

The breakfast acknowledges the engaging and positive relationship between the LAPD and the City's African-American community. It also presents officers with an opportunity to renew their relationships with the community and restore public confidence, crucial components in the LAPD's ability to combat crime.

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LAPD Command Staff Receive New Crime Fighting Technology

Thanks to LAPF Board member Jeffrey Neu for purchasing 120 iPad 2 Tablets for LAPD’s command staff.

These iPads assist commanding officers with their weekly, monthly and annual statistics for individual Part I crimes, property crimes, and violent crimes, and allows them to quickly verify that field activities are accurately reflected in the statistics.

The iPads will also be used to develop, test, and implement law enforcement mobile applications such as crime scene mapping and perimeter mapping, crime scene and homicide investigations, and traffic investigations.  Command staff can also reference Department Manuals and California Vehicle Codes and Penal Codes by using the iPads.

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LAPF Invests in the Future of Public Safety

The Police Orientation and Preparation Program (POPP) is a one-of-a-kind educational experience that places career-bound, law enforcement students in an established LAPD training environment.

The program prepares students for the moral, ethical and physical standards required of the LAPD and includes a rigorous, two-year college curriculum that enables high school seniors and college freshman cadets to obtain an Associate's degree and/or transfer to a four-year university before applying to the LAPD.

With a generous $10,000 donation from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the LAPF purchased needed college-level textbooks and educational materials. The funds will provide 100 Cadets, who could not afford to purchase the books on their own, with the tools to succeed and achieve their goals.

LAPD Boot Camp for At-Risk Youth

LAPF is funding a Juvenile Impact Program (JIP) in Mission Area where about 60 students will participate in the program. JIP is a boot-camp style program for at-risk youth, who are referred to the program by Juvenile Court, law enforcement officers, school officials or parents. Officers are able to make a positive direct and lasting impact on students and parents that instills discipline, pride, respect and improved communication.
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