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Community Outreach
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LAPD Teams Up to Support Victims of Abuse

The LAPF funded an LAPD component to the Valley CARES Family Justice Center, a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, multi-disciplinary sexual assault and physical abuse resource available to children and adults in the San Fernando Valley. 

Through a collaboration of advocates, the Center acts as a "one-stop-shop" for victims looking for assistance.  This unique multi-agency partnership offers abuse victims a streamlined and cohesive process in a single setting in what can otherwise be a convoluted and disjointed process. Funding supported equipment needed to operate the Center and maintain the resources available to victims. 

LAPD Takes a Proactive Stand against Sexual Assault

Thanks to generous donations from The Los Angeles Film School and the Hollywood Police Support Association, the Police Foundation is funding an educational public service announcement (PSA) that will educate the community on prevention of sexual assaults.

In response to a rise in sexual assaults in the Hollywood area, the LAPD has partnered with the Los Angeles Film School to produce a PSA addressing date rape. Through social media, apps and other internet forums, LAPD will be able to reach a target audience of 18 - 30-year olds throughout the city in order to reduce the incidence of date related sex-crimes.

"Thanks to the Police Foundation, LAPD’s Hollywood Division in partnership with the Los Angeles Film School can usher in a new proactive era of education in dealing with sexual assaults and their life altering impact. By supporting this thoughtfully researched and produced public service announcement and associated campaign, the Police Foundation will have partnered with the entire community to be a positive force for rape prevention."

Captain Beatrice Girmala
Hollywood Division

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LAPD Forensics Lab Receives Expert Evaluation

Thanks to donations from our supporters, the Police Foundation is funding a project that will increase the efficiency of LAPD’s Serology DNA Unit.

LAPD's Scientific Investigation Division (SID) interprets physical evidence found at crime scenes such as the DNA kits collected from sexual assault crimes.

The Police Foundation has funded two criminalists from New York City's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) to conduct an assessment and evaluation of SID to enhance current procedures and to provide training and development recommendations that will assist SID in handling backlog issues.

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LAPD's New Technology for High Crime Area

The LAPD has consistently identified the Baldwin Village area to be one of the most violent and crime-ridden locations in Los Angeles. Heavily populated by the Black P-Stone gang, there have been over 1,000 violent crimes in this area since 2007.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Los Angeles Police Foundation is funding the Baldwin Village Surveillance Camera Project, which will install six leading law enforcement surveillance cameras with multi-streaming capabilities in target locations allowing the LAPD to monitor gang activity. This will reduce the potential for gang crimes including

LAPD's New Edge on Counter-Terrorism

Thanks to a generous donation by Lenny Sands and the Wasserman Foundation, the Los Angeles Police Foundation will purchase equipment for an LAPD situation room that will act as a communications hub during a disaster.  The situation room will allow LAPD's Major Crimes Division of the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau to communicate massive amounts of information to the LAPD and other agencies during a major emergency such as a terrorist attack. 

"The new Situation Room will improve service to our communities by allowing the LAPD to rapidly and accurately respond to terrorist investigations or incidents," said Lt. Mark G. Stainbrook of LAPD's Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Section, "Thanks to donors of the Police Foundation, the LAPD's Major Crimes Division is now able to operate more effectively and efficiently to better serve the City."

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Scholarships for LAPD Cadets

Eight deserving Cadets were awarded a $250 scholarship through the Police Foundation.  These scholarships will help pay for college tuition as well as necessary school supplies.  The LAPD Cadet Program helps the students become responsible, productive members of society and it also builds a positive relationship between the police department and the youth in our communities.  The Latin American Law Enforcement Association (LALEY)donated $1,000 toward the Cadet scholarships.


Police Foundation Helps Launch New and Improved Crime Mapping for LAPD

Thanks to a generous contribution from the Wasserman Foundation, the Police Foundation was able to fund a new crime mapping system on LAPD’s website in May.  The LAPD is committed to promoting trust and transparency with the communities it serves.  By collaborating with The Omega Group, users are able to see Part One crime reports updated daily.

LAPD directly feeds its crime data to The Omega Group to ensure that each crime is reported accurately on the site.  The records themselves are also put through an exclusive data scrubbing process that works to locate each crime incident geographically. "The LAPD has worked closely with The Omega Group to provide information that is not only accurate, but useful to the public," said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.  

A link to the crime maps can be found at LAPD Crime Mapping.  

New Technology Helps LAPD Stop Drug Dealers who Prey on the Vulnerable

The Skid Row area of Los Angeles sees the highest concentration of narcotics activity in the city with 36% of the arrests made in the area related to narcotics charges.  Thanks to a generous donation from AEG, the Los Angeles Police Foundation purchased 11 License Plate Recognition Readers (LPRs) for LAPD, that will be used to identify drug dealers entering the area.  

With the help of the LPR systems, LAPD will be able identify and apprehend identified drug dealers, by capturing an image of their vehicles' license plate as they travel through a designated security zone.  The apprehension of these drug dealers will allow the Skid Row community a chance to get back on their feet and reclaim their lives, free from violent criminals and drug pushers. 

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Police Foundation Funds Bomb
Detection K-9s at LAX

Detection K-9, Izzy, searches people and luggage at the Tom Bradley International terminal at LAX.
"Thanks to the generosity of the Police Foundation, LAPD is one of the first Departments in the country to deploy two Vapor Wake K-9s. This will enhance the public's safety now that we are able to screen people, helping to deter and prevent a suicide bomber from attacking the Los Angeles area."
Officer Thomas Davoren
LAPD's Bomb Detection K-9 Section

Fifteen bomb detection canine teams guard LAX from terrorist attacks, but at the time of the failed 2009 Christmas Day terrorist attack, the capabilities of these teams were limited to seeking out actual explosive devices.

The Police Foundation funded a grant to send LAPD's Bomb Detection K-9 Section to Auburn University, Canine Detection Research Institute, who developed a training program that allows dogs to detect the explosive residue on a human body when they realized that suicide bombers were the future of terrorist attacks. Now K-9s are able to pick up an odor and track an individual by their vapor wake from 100 yards away. K-9s are trained once a week in crowds at LAX terminals and throughout the city.

Bomb Squad Receives Cutting-edge Terrorist Training in Israel

The LAPD Bomb Squad responds to 900+ calls in Los Angeles. For the Bomb Squad to receive cutting-edge counter-terrorism training, the Police Foundation funded four bomb technicians to train with the Israeli National Police (INP) Bomb Squad. Due to the commonality of homemade explosives in Israel, the INP's Bomb Squad was able to share extensive information with LAPD on the safest detonations, post-blast investigations and innovative countermeasures regarding vehicle and person-borne IEDs.

This on-site training will increase safety for patrol officers, bomb technicians, and the community when threatened by terrorist activity. Thanks to the following donors for funding this training for the Bomb Squad: Charles Boxenbaum, Ari Bussel, Al Evan, S. & A. Freshman Trust, Ruth Flinkman, Streisand Foundation and Elliott Broidy.

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At-Risk Youth Get a Second Chance Through LAPD Program

JIP is a boot-camp style program for at-risk youth, who are referred to the program by Juvenile Court, law enforcement officers, school officials or parents. Officers are able to make a positive direct and lasting impact on students and parents that instills discipline, pride, respect and improved communication.

Mission Area Juvenile Impact Program graduated 60 students in November. 77th Street Area Juvenile Impact Program, generously funded by OneWest Bank, graduated 80 students in December.

The Police Orientation Preparation Program (POPP) received a grant from the Police Foundation to purchase college textbooks for 100 cadets.  The program allows students in high school and their first year of college to receive hands-on law enforcement training directly from LAPD officers.   At the same time, they receive academic credit.  The objective of POPP is to provide highly motivated and disciplined students, who are interested in law enforcement as a career, an opportunity to simulate the experiences of an LAPD recruit. These students generally come from low income homes.   Funding for this program came from a generous $10,000 grant from the Motorola Foundationearmarked for POPP textbooks.

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