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Special Campaigns
2009 Grants

Community Outreach

Community Outreach                back to top

Police Advisory Board (C-PAB) Summit

The Annual C-PAB Summit brings together community members to work with LAPD command staff to improve LAPD – community relations and communication.  


"See Something. Say Something." Community awareness program that encourages citizens to report suspicious activity and partner with LAPD in keeping the city safe. Public Service Announcements, posters and brochures will make the program highly visible throughout the city. 

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Air Support Simulator Training

The Police Foundation paid for simulator training for LAPD’s Air Support Division’s B200 King Air fixed-wing aircraft which allows for the immediate, long range transportation of resources, officers and prisoners needing to appear in another state for court appearances or investigations.

Women’s Leadership Conference

The Police Foundation funded this one-day leadership conference that included guest panel speakers who encourage the development of leadership capabilities for female employees of the Department. This year’s Women’s Leadership Conference celebrated its 10th Anniversary drawing over 1,100 Department employees, marking LAPD’s commitment to ensuring that women are represented throughout all ranks and assignments.

Hydra Simulation System

This simulator presents critical incidents to LAPD command staff to sharpen leadership, communication and decision making in crisis situations. The system trains officers to more effectively manage law enforcement resources in disaster situations that threaten public safety.

No program similar to Hydra exists in U.S. law enforcement, once again placing LAPD at the cutting edge of public safety and emergency preparedness.

Remote Area Lighting System

Powerful, compact light source that will allow Force Investigation Division, LAPD's unit for use of force investigations, to conduct faster, more accurate investigations for crime scenes at night or in low light situations. Equipment donated by Pelican Products.


Equipment                                      back to top

Pole Camera Course

Thanks to funding from the Wasserman Foundation, the Police Foundation will purchase two pole cameras for LAPD’s Technical Support Unit that will be placed, undetected, on walls, trees or poles in high crime areas. This equipment will help secure accurate and reliable evidence.

New Bomb Squad Robot & Interoperability Deployment Kits

Thanks to another donation from the Wasserman Foundation, the Police Foundation recently purchased a 15-pound portable, remote control reconnaissance robot capable of climbing stairs and equipped with two transmitting color cameras. The robot allows command staff and officers to make tactical decisions in potentially hazardous situations involving armed suspects and the possibility of explosives from a safer distance.

Teams II Work Stations

Teams II Division is responsible for providing LAPD supervisors an “early warning system” to flag officers involved in multiple complaints, uses of force, pursuits, collisions and other potentially questionable field activity. Funding from the Wasserman Foundation allowed the Police Foundation to purchase 13 desktops for TEAMS II so that they can work effectively and efficiently.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Thirty two Automated External Defribrillators (AEDs) purchased through a generous donation from the Wasserman Foundation will assist Metro Division in continuing to save lives by reestablishing heart rhythms in heart attack or choke victims who experience respiratory failure.

Harvard Kennedy School - Driving Government Performance 

Performance training for Force Investigation Division (use of force investigations) officers at Harvard University to increase standards on timeliness, accuracy, leadership, strategy development and motivation for a stronger Department and safer city.

Consultant                                      back to top

Northwestern University Academy Training Analysis

The Police Foundation funded a study conducted by Northwestern University to assess the effectiveness of the physical fitness and academic portions of police academy training in order to recommend changes that will improve recruitment and standards for entry level candidates.

Harvard Study

The most comprehensive assessment ever conducted of a police department assessed a dramatic increase in public satisfaction with the LAPD in the quantity and quality of enforcement activity, as well as community engagement.
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