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Special Campaigns
2008 Grants

Community Outreach
Officer Wellness
Youth Programs

Community Outreach                back to top

Community Police Advisory Board
(C-PAB) Summit 

The Community Police Advisory Board is made up of volunteers who meet each month with officers and senior staff from their geographical station.  The C-PAB boards discuss and address issues unique to their area and work hand-in-hand with LAPD officers. 

Every year, the LAPD plans a day where they bring together representatives from each C-PAB board to share information, network and brainstorm ways to work more effectively together.   We have funded the summit since 2006.

LAPD Website
One of the many ways that the LAPD communicates with the public is via the official LAPD website ( LAPD Online receives 1 million unique users each day.  The website has contact information for its 21 area stations as well as crime map data so users can get crime information for their neighborhood.  This year’s grants include webhosting and domain renewals, as well as design upgrades and technical support.

National Night Out
National Night Out was held on Tuesday, August 5th, an event where law enforcement, in partnership with community members of Hollenbeck Area, participate in providing a safe gathering place against crime or criminal activity. 

The Hollenbeck community enjoyed the opportunity to promote police-community partnerships, crime prevention, and neighborhood camaraderie.  With an outreach of around 3,000 residents, National Night Out successfully heightens crime and drug prevention awareness, generates support for and participation in local anticrime programs, and projects a message to local criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

Promotional Items/Office of the Chief of Police
The Chief of Police meets with VIP’s and dignitaries from around the world to share best practices.  The Chief exchanges promotional items representing the LAPD to promote a positive image and to enhance community outreach efforts.

Consultants                              back to top

Grant Development Consultant
The LAPD works with a grant writer who advises them and applies for federal and private grants.  Her efforts have resulted in millions of dollars of funding for the department.

Technology                                back to top

Cell Phone Software
In order to assist officers in investigating criminal activity, LAPD purchased software to help track phone numbers of suspected gang members affiliated with violent territorial gangs.

TeamMate Audit Management Software
Under the guidelines of the Federal Consent Decree, LAPD is tasked to tract and monitor the department’s performance in achieving compliance and reform.  TeamMate Audit Management Software allows the department to use technology to help them monitor and be aware of concerns and potential risks as soon as they arise. 

Training                                         back to top

17th Annual C.G.I.A./N.G.V. Conference
The LAPD sent officers from their “Intelligence Section” and “Field Unit” to the National Gang Investigator Conference which brings together investigators to learn more about gang trends, investigative and information-gathering techniques as well as sharing best practices with other attendees.  The conference is hosted by the California Gang Investigators Association and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. 

Hydra Suite Training
The Foundation paid for travel for the Director of Police Training and Education to go to the UK to observe the Hydra Training Suite.  The program develops critical thinking, crisis management and problem solving skills for law enforcement, a program which may be adopted by the LAPD.

Juvenile Division Personnel Team Building
A team of psychologists provided training on team building and wellness for the Juvenile Division, including the Abused Child Unit, Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, Sexually Exploited Children Unit and the Investigative Control Unit.

Lodging for Camp Pendleton Training
The Special Investigative Section attends training at Camp Pendleton Training Base.  Detectives are able to update and maintain their skills in firearms; pistol, rifle and shotgun, special investigative tactics, legal updates, vehicle containment exercises and downed officer rescues.

Parolee Contacts Training Class
Officers are trained in basic and advanced curriculum in the management of a variety of parolee contacts.  At the completion of this course, officers are knowledgeable in parole updates, parole searches, investigative resources, street contacts, controlled interviews, and prison gang updates.

Risk Management Practitioner Seminar
LAPD hosted eight top-level command staff from around the world for the first ever nationwide risk management seminar.  Attendees focused on best practices, policies, protocol and data evaluation. 

Air Support Simulator Training
All LAPD pilots are required to have mandatory flight hours to maintain their licenses.  Air Support Division officers have been signed up for one year of unlimited training in order to operate the division’s fixed wing aircraft. 

Emergency Medical Training for
Metro Officers - $2,550
The Basic Emergency Medical Technician Certification Course consists of approximately 150 hours of classroom instruction. The Metropolitan Division in the past has received this training from the LA Fire Department. Recently, the Los Angeles Fire Department requires that new hires are trained prior to their joining the fire department.
Metro Division is currently sending 16 officers to be trained as EMTs.  Metro is city-wide so this training will be utilized throughout the city.  Metro officers are also much more likely to respond
to and participate in high-risk situations. Metro consists of SWAT, K-9, the Mounted Unit, Underwater Dive Unit and two 60 member crime suppression platoons.
Traffic Collision Training
The “Traffic Collision Reconstruction” course provided officers with essential investigative skills for complex collisions involving major injury or loss of life.

Ultimate Counter Terrorism Mission
Training for the LAPD’s Hazardous Materials Unit to participate and learn from some of the most experienced terrorism response entities in the world.  The training depicted response scenarios to real world events including the use of chemical weapons.

Women’s Leadership Conference
A one-day annual Women’s Leadership Conference brings over 1,000 sworn and civilian LAPD employees together.  Female employees are encouraged to develop leadership traits and network with other LAPD staff.  The conference provides practical information to help women prepare for promotion within the ranks of LAPD.  Thanks to AT&T for their continued support of this event.

Grants Approved in 2008
This year, the Los Angeles Police Foundation is celebrating our tenth anniversary.  In the past ten years, the Foundation has received close to 500 grant applications from the Los Angeles Police Department and awarded close to $8 million.

Each year, the Los Angeles Police Foundation supports the Los Angeles Police Department in the areas of community outreach, consultants, equipment, officer wellness, technology, training and youth programs. Some of the grants awarded by the Los Angeles Police Foundation in the past year are described here. 

Equipment                                      back to top

Cops on Bikes 
In 2007, the Foundation received a grant for $200,000 from the Weingart Foundation to purchase bikes for the LAPD’s bike unit.  The bicycles enable LAPD to have additional police resources in the community.  Bikes have been found to be a valuable resource in crime reduction and community relations.  LAPD has been able to add 150 custom bikes to their fleet and create a new city-wide bike unit to help combat crime. 

Critical Incident Utility Vehicle
A new addition to the LAPD fleet is the Critical Incident Utility Vehicle (CIUV) – a multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle.  The CIUV helps officers communicate with crowds and facilitate crowd movement.  The Foundation approved grants to purchase a public address system, a display board as well as a device which translates instructions into 38 different languages.

Editing System Upgrade
The LAPD has a video unit that is responsible for creating monthly training videos as well as special projects.  The Foundation purchased upgrades to the video editing system which had become outdated.  The upgrade enables the members of the video unit to produce their completed projects in less than half the time with enhanced quality.

Dictaphone Digital Recorders
The Force Investigation Division has been provided with five digital Dictaphone recorders to accommodate five new detectives. 

FID handles about 2 -3 cases per week, up to 170 interviews per case, and processes approximately 50 transcriptions per week for which the recorders are utilized every day. With the new recorders, after an interview has taken place the information is downloaded into a server and sent to a transcription, which was previously done manually. 

The recorders have significantly improved transcription turnaround time, which has, in turn, significantly improved the completion for categorical use of force investigations – a key requirement of the Federal Consent Decree.

Foster Freeman Digital Capture System
One of the ways that LAPD is able to solve crime is through the use of equipment such as the Foster Freeman Digital Capture System.  This equipment is a forensically reliable system which captures sharp, clear photographs of enhanced fingerprints in a fraction of the time that the current conventional methodology would take.  The Foster Freeman Digital Capture System was funded by dedicated funding from the Wasserman Foundation.

GPS Navigation Equipment
The Emergency Services Division receives calls and must report to a scene as quickly as possible in order to help save lives. The GPS Navigation Equipment will improve officer and community safety by using real time visual and audio direction.

Digital Recording Equipment
One of the busiest stations within LAPD had been using hand-held tape recorders to capture interviews.  The newly upgraded Digital Recording Equipment will record audio and visual interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses during investigations.  These recordings can be categorized by case number and can be used as evidence in court.

T3 Electronic Mobility Vehicle
The T3 is an all electric three-wheel vehicle that is designed to be environmentally friendly and highly maneuverable, as well as allowing officers to cover a large area easily.  Its raised platform enhances the officer’s view over large crowds, improving awareness and visibility, as well as making the officers extremely approachable when they are in the community or at an event.  The purchase of two T3s was funded by dedicated funding from David Saperstein.

Total Station
The Force Investigation Division responds to all “officer involved shootings” and is tasked with accurately documenting the scene – including the location of physical evidence, officer positioning, crime scene and environmental factors.  The Total Station allows officers to use technology effectively and efficiently, reducing human error and reducing the time it takes to complete reports.  The Topcon Total Station was funded by dedicated funding from the Wasserman Foundation.

Officer Wellness

Sanitizer and hand cleanser
Due to its proximity to skid row and the number of street dwellers, Central Area officers have a higher incidence of contracting staph and other infections.  The Foundation has purchased a sanitizer and hand cleanser for the officers of Central Area Station to promote officer wellness and to prevent illness.

Fitness Equipment
Several years ago, the Weider Family Foundation purchased equipment for the Parker Center gym.  The Foundation approved funding to replace and service this equipment to allow officers to maintain their physical fitness.

Promotional Ceremonies Reception
Each month, members of LAPD are promoted throughout the ranks of the department.  Family and friends are invited to celebrate with the honorees at a reception after the promotional ceremony.  The Foundation has funded refreshments since 2005 to welcome the guests and honor those being promoted.

Youth Programs                        back to top

L.A. Police Explorers Program
The LAPD has a special program to attract and train young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20 to work alongside officers.  The Explorers Program has been providing special training for youth for the last 45 years. Explorers provide hundreds of community service hours as well as working alongside officers in the field.  The Foundation helps fund the Explorers uniforms and training at the academy.  This is an ongoing grant.

Robertson Activity League (RAL)
In June 2006, three students were shot and killed by gang activity in West Los Angeles.  The community and police officers worked together to provide equipment and staffing to work with students from the neighborhood.  The program helps middle school and Hamilton High School students while on school vacation – including the summer months.  The program provided students a safe environment to interact with officers and community leaders and to attend field trips throughout the city.

Lori Gonzales Fund Scholarships - Police Academy Magnet Schools
Every year, the Los Angeles Police Foundation has been awarding scholarships to deserving graduates of the Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet High Schools since 2002. 
The LAPF handed out $10,000 in scholarships with ten students receiving $1,000 scholarships. LAPF board member, Eddie Kislinger, was on hand to hand out the scholarships. 
This year, KABC and their listeners raised money and created a Randal Simmons Scholarship, which was also awarded at the Magnet School graduation ceremony on June 29th, 2008. 

Juvenile Impact Program
The Juvenile Impact Program (JIP) is a 12-week boot camp style program intended for at-risk youth between the ages of 9 and 16 years old.  The LAPD program began at the Central Area location in 1993 and has been expanded to stations located throughout Los Angeles - 77th Street Station, Van Nuys Station, Wilshire Station and Harbor Area.

The program takes place every Saturday with anywhere between 60 to 100 youth participants. Since its inception the program has graduated roughly 10,000 students, several of whom have gone on to enter other LAPD youth programs, such as the Explorer program for teens interested in law enforcement. 

An intense paramilitary style is utilized by the program as a means of instilling discipline, pride and respect.  In addition to physical training, students participate in classroom instruction that includes guest speakers, writing assignments and one-on-one time with officers.  Certified teachers and counselors work with students while officers act as mediators in conversations between parents and students.

The JIP also has a mandatory parenting course that includes group therapy support for parents who are coached in anger management, communication skills, domestic violence, alcoholism and gang recognition. 

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