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Special Campaigns
2005 Grants

Community Relations
Counter Terrorism
Crime Prevention
Officer Safety
Professional Standards/Internal Affairs
Staff Morale & Wellness
Traffic Safety
Youth Programs

Counter Terrorism                   back to top

London Terrorist Training
Counter Terrorism & Criminal Intelligence Bureau

Four LAPD officers traveled to London shortly after the terrorist attacks to learn from their British law enforcement counterparts about response to the bombings.
Terrorism Liaison Officer Program
Major Crimes Division

Hosting of orientation and training of LAPD Terrorism Liaison Officers.  

Dive Boat Refurbishment
Underwater Dive Unit

Refurbished former fireboat donated by the Los Angeles Fire Department so that it could be used as a mobile command post for the Underwater Dive Unit in its investigations of underwater crime scenes, recovery of evidence and vessel searches.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Informant Training
Counter Terrorism Division
2003 and 2005

Sent officers to advanced training on handling informants, who brought the information back so they could train other investigators in the Division.

Technology                                back to top

Board Room Modernization
Professional Standards Bureau

Equipment for the digital presentation of evidence in the Board of Rights presentation room where personnel misconduct cases are presented in the adjudication of accused officers.
Crime Mapping & E-Policing 
LAPD Online Unit

Creation of crime maps for LAPD Online to allow users to obtain detailed crime information for neighborhoods.  E-policing newsletter tool allows each LAPD Area to communicate with their community.
Camera Surveillance Project
Pacific Area

Deployment of closed circuit television cameras in various locations throughout the area to combat crime.
Binocular-Digital Cameras
Southeast Division

Three pairs of integrated binocular-digital cameras to use during surveillance operations.  These will be used to address the illegal dumping issues which plague this part of the city.
Digital Cameras
Newton Division, Gang Impact Team

Cameras to photograph gang members, search warrant locations, crime scenes and evidence.
Smart Board Computer
Northeast Division

Computer with advanced multimedia and video applications which will be used in the roll call room for training, criminal investigations and intelligence briefings.
Digital Camera
Office of the Chief of Police

Digital camera and accessories to replace outdated camera equipment to capture LAPD functions and news events.
Wireless Data Service
Recruitment Section

Provides recruiters with internet access so they can display the LAPD recruitment website at recruitment events, allowing them to immediately enter potential candidates’ information into the recruitment database.
West Los Angeles, Community Relations Office

Computers and related equipment for front desk operations.  Funding came from a designated bequest.

Youth Programs                        back to top

Juvenile Impact Program
77th Division
2005, 2006

Eight week “boot camp” program for at-risk youth that offers a youth component and a parent component.  Parents attend mandatory parenting classes while the youth participate in physical training, military-style drills and team building activities, as well as group counseling and mentoring.

Youth Initiative
Office of the Chief of Police
2004 - 2006

Independent survey of all LAPD-involved youth programs by consultant, which will result in a structural recommendation for better integrating the Department’s youth development and crime prevention programs.

Community Relations                back to top

Promotional Items
Office of the Chief of Police
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Gifts for visiting VIPs and community members to increase the visibility of the Department, promote a positive image and enhance community outreach efforts.

Station Grand Opening
Mission Community Police Station

Co-sponsored grand opening ceremony for new station in the San Fernando Valley.

Divisional Guidons

Each geographical division and certain bureaus will be provided with a flag for use at inspections and special events.

Community Police Advisory Board Summit
Community Policing Unit, Office of Operations
2005, 2006

Co-sponsor of a citywide meeting of Community Police Advisory Board members with their captains and other LAPD officers.  This event strengthens the partnership between the department and community leaders.

“Picnic for Peace” 
Operations, Valley Bureau

Co-sponsored an event in the San Fernando Valley aimed at stopping gang violence.

Community Police Academy Alumni Summit 
Operations, South Bureau

Summit aimed at promoting and fostering a dialogue between the LAPD and the community in South Bureau.

Open House
West Los Angeles Area, Community Relations Office

Open house for the public to foster positive community – police relations and to educate the community about the operations of the station.  Funded from a designated bequest.

BlackBerry Devices with Voice and E-mail Service
Department-wide, Senior Lead Officers
2004 - 2006

These devices keep Senior Lead Officers in the field and in constant contact with the people they serve. Having email has increased efficiency and the ability to solve community problems more quickly when not in the office.

Officer Safety

Bullet Trap & Fume Extractor
Scientific Investigation Division

The Firearm Analysis Unit’s indoor forensic range, used for investigation of shooting crimes, was closed temporarily due to lead contamination and employee exposure risk.  Purchase of a bullet trap and fume extractor provided critical protections for staff and allowed the range to reopen.

Staff Morale & Wellness     back to top

Promotional Ceremonies Receptions
Office of the Chief of Police
Ongoing since 2005

Monthly reception held following promotion ceremonies so that family and friends can celebrate with the honorees.
Operation Smile
LAPD Chaplain Corps, Behavioral Sciences Services

Enable Department chaplains to provide for officers and their families during critical incidents and illness. The Police Foundation will reimburse chaplains for out-of-pocket expenses so they may minister to officers and their families.

Parker Center Gym Refurbishment
Office of the Chief of Police

Refurbishment of the fitness center at Parker Center, which many officers use to maintain their physical conditioning, and replacement of outdated gear with state-of-the-art fitness equipment.  
Blue Star Banners and Pins
Military Liaison Office
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Banners and pins were given before the holidays to honor every family with an LAPD employee on active duty in the Armed Forces.

Crime Prevention                        back to top

Crime Prevention Ads
Harbor Area

Sponsorship of a series of ads that ran during the holiday season to provide the community with crime prevention tips.

Fingerprint Child ID Cards
West Los Angeles Area, Community Relations Office

Child Identification Fingerprinting Kits to be provided to the community to assist the Police Department in safeguarding children in the area.

Training                                         back to top

Executive Management Program
Office of the Chief of Police

Delivery of a customized course from the Institute for Law Enforcement’s Executive Management Program, which is designed to prepare mid and senior-level managers for leadership in law enforcement. 

Women’s Leadership Conference
Office of Support Services
2004, 2005, 2006

Co-sponsor of one-day leadership conference that encourages and develops leadership capabilities for female employees of the Department and trains them for promotion.

Oxford Roundtable
Audit Division

LAPD sergeant was chosen as one of only 35 worldwide, to present a paper on “Dealing with Crimes Against Women and Domestic Violence”.  The sergeant discussed emerging law enforcement trends with other internationally recognized experts in criminal law and justice.

Risk Management Group Command Officers Workshop
Risk Management Group

Hosting of a risk management update workshop for command officers.

National Gang Violence Conference
Northeast, Senior Lead Office

Officer attended a four-day gang conference to learn from experts from all over the United States.

Aviation Safety School
Air Support Division

Attendance at U.S. Naval Postgraduate School of Aviation Safety for one LAPD officer to training with Navy and Marine Corps aviators.

Leadership Development Training
Professional Standards Bureau
2004, 2005

Sent supervisors and command officers to national police leadership training courses to prepare the Department’s next generation of leaders to take the helm.

Traffic Safety                                back to top

Pro-Laser Speed Device
Central Traffic Division, Community Traffic Safety Unit

Two digital devices to control speed in school, residential and business zones. Laser technology is accurate, and enables officers to work in safety.

Professional Standards/
Internal Affairs
                     back to top

Protected Activity Tracking System (PATS)
Risk Analysis Section

The Retaliation Prevention Program will use this system to prevent employee retaliation through tracking, monitoring and auditing employment actions to ensure that no retaliation takes place.  The goal is to promote a workplace where employees feel comfortable reporting misconduct.

Development of New Internal Affairs Investigator Course
Professional Standards Bureau

Allowed training staff to audit the best internal affairs courses nationally and bring back input to reengineer internal affairs complaint investigation course.

Best Practices for Use of Force and Personnel Complaint Investigations
Professional Standards Bureau

Part of an effort to develop best practices for the LAPD, an exchange program with police officials from Belfast, Northern Ireland to observe use of force and personnel complaint investigations.

Development of Use of Force Sourcebook
and Force Options Chart
Training Division

Recognized use of force experts reviewed the use of force training and policy being adopted by the LAPD. An updated use of force policy and training should lead to improvements in internal operations.

Use of Force Investigation Equipment
and Training
Force Investigation Division

Equipment such as measuring devices and digital cameras to aid in the investigation of officer-involved shootings and training for newly created Force Investigation Division staff.

Miscellaneous                                 back to top

Grant Development Consultant
Office of the Chief of Police
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Assists the Department in acquiring additional public and private grant funding and other resources.

Consent Decree Consultant
Office of the Chief of Police
2004, 2005, 2006

Works with senior staff on consent decree compliance issues and helps the Department attain compliance.

Modular Training Facility
Air Support Division

Built state-of-the-art training center in the Air Support Division hangar. Training for LAPD and other air units from around the state can take place on site. The center features classrooms, offices, a weight room and conference room

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