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Special Campaigns
2004 Grants

Community Relations
Counter Terrorism
Crime Prevention
Officer Safety
Professional Standards/Internal Affairs
Staff Morale & Wellness
Youth Programs

Counter Terrorism                   back to top

Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Liaison Meeting & Training Day
Counter Terrorism

This event brought together members of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and promoted improved working relationships and cooperation within the intelligence community to combat terrorism.

Dive Boat Refurbishment
Underwater Dive Unit

Refurbished former fireboat donated by the Los Angeles Fire Department so that it could be used as a mobile command post for the Underwater Dive Unit in its investigations of underwater crime scenes, recovery of evidence and vessel searches.

Technology                                back to top

Hosting of LAPD Online Website 
LAPD Online Unit
Ongoing since 2004

Hosting of the Department’s website with high quality and security. 
Audio/Cell Phone Recorder with MP3
Robbery & Homicide Division

Digital cell phone recorders to record threats and demands made during kidnap and extortion crime investigations.
Web design and upgrade
LAPD Online

Redesign of the Department’s website which includes cutting-edge design and user-friendly and easy-to-manage administrative tools so the end user can find the information they need quickly and easily.
Computer Hardware and Software 
Special Operations Division, Computer Forensics Unit

Computer equipment and software to equip the newly created Computer Forensics Unit in their investigation of personnel complaints that involve computer media.

Digital Camera
Media Relations, Office of the Chief of Police

Camera for use at newsworthy events throughout the city.  Eliminates the need for a Scientific Investigative Division photographer to be present.  Media relations personnel who are already at the event can provide photographic coverage.

Camera, Printer and Surveillance Equipment
77th Street Area, Vice Unit

Allow officers to conduct surveillance more effectively and more safely, which provides more convincing evidence for use in court.

Servers to Support Remote Access to Blackberry Devices
Information Technology Division

Permits Blackberry users to have remote access to e-mail and calendars.  Allows officers to work more effectively from the field. 
Information Technology Consultant
Office of the Chief of Police

Worked on internal information technology issues in the interim period when there was no Chief Information Officer for the LAPD.

Aerial Photo Storage Device
Force Investigation Division

Generates detailed maps of any area in Los Angeles County in real time.  Can calculate distances and other useful information for use in use of force investigations.
"On Time" Computers
Training Division, Firearms Training Unit

Computers turn the targets on the firing range, allowing for better firearms training for Department personnel.
Wireless Internet Cards
Professional Standards Bureau

Used by top-level command staff and two on-call teams who must be constantly accessible. Internet-based notification and reporting provides investigators with access to pertinent information and investigative databases before they arrive at an incident.

Youth Programs                        back to top

Youth Initiative
Office of the Chief of Police
2004 - 2006

Independent survey of all LAPD-involved youth programs by consultant, which will result in a structural recommendation for better integrating the Department’s youth development and crime prevention programs.

Community Relations                back to top

Promotional Items
Office of the Chief of Police
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Gifts for visiting VIPs and community members to increase the visibility of the Department, promote a positive image and enhance community outreach efforts.

BlackBerry Devices with Voice and E-mail Service
Department-wide, Senior Lead Officers
2004 - 2006

These devices keep Senior Lead Officers in the field and in constant contact with the people they serve. Having email has increased efficiency and the ability to solve community problems more quickly when not in the office.

Challenge Coins and Presentation Sets
Office of the Chief of Police

Coin sets distributed at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Los Angeles to enhance the positive image of the LAPD.

Professional Standards/
Internal Affairs
                     back to top

Use of Force Incident Response / Field Response Kit
Force Investigation Division

Equipment to control use of force incident scenes, collect evidence and allow for presentation of evidence to the Chief of Police within 48 hours of an incident.

Officer Safety

Flatlighter LED Visor Lights
Major Crimes Division, Special Investigation Section

Portable and fully self-contained police visor light which is used to aid in the identification of Special Investigation Section detectives during arrest situations.  These lights enhance the safety of the detectives in arrests of armed felony suspects.

Staff Morale & Wellness     back to top

Top Cop Award Travel
Hollenbeck Area

Provided travel expenses to Washington, DC for LAPD officer who was presented the national Top Cop award, so he could receive his award in person.
Blue Star Banners and Pins
Military Liaison Office
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Banners and pins were given before the holidays to honor every family with an LAPD employee on active duty in the Armed Forces.

Crime Prevention                        back to top

Modeling Gang Structure

Cutting-edge research to develop network models for high-risk people, places and criminal activity in order to identify patterns in gang violence so that police resources can be focused on the areas of greatest need.

Auto Theft Prevention Program
Commercial Crimes Division
Steering wheel locking devices offered citywide to owners of vehicles most likely to be stolen by location or type of vehicle. The goal is to reduce the number of vehicles stolen each year and to educate the community on preventive measures.

Equipment                                      back to top

Forensic Alternate Light Source
Scientific Investigation Division, Field Unit

A small, lightweight light source for use in the field in the detection of invisible biological stains.  This is particularly useful in sexual assault investigations.

Trace Analysis Equipment
Scientific Investigation Division, Trace Analysis Unit

Analyzes paint samples from crime scenes such as fatal traffic accidents and homicide crime scenes and gives officers the ability to get results immediately from the Paint Data Query database to identify possible year/make/model of vehicle involved.

Fast Ropes

Ropes which are attached to a helicopter so that SWAT officers can reach inaccessible terrain or high-rise buildings.

Portable M-6 Oxygen Systems
Metropolitan Division

Equipment for use by Metropolitan Emergency Medical Technicians to stabilize injured victims.

Scholarships                                 back to top

Los Angeles Community College District
Ongoing since 2004

To prepare the youth of today for careers in law enforcement, scholarships are awarded to selected students who are majoring in Administration of Justice.  Funding comes from the Lori Gonzalez Scholarship Fund and from designated gifts.

Training                                         back to top

Women’s Leadership Conference
Office of Support Services
2004, 2005, 2006

Co-sponsor of one-day leadership conference that encourages and develops leadership capabilities for female employees of the Department and trains them for promotion.

Leadership Development Training
Professional Standards Bureau
2004, 2005

Sent supervisors and command officers to national police leadership training courses to prepare the Department’s next generation of leaders to take the helm.

Special National Investigations Course
Major Crimes Division, Criminal Investigations Section

Advanced training course presented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that presents unique techniques of developing, handling and recruitment of sources/informants. As a result of this train-the-trainer course, a similar program is being developed locally for the LAPD.

Leadership Training Institute
Office of the Chief of Police

Plan prepared by consultant to develop a leadership training institute that would focus on preparing rising police executives for positions of senior leadership.

Miscellaneous                                 back to top

Grant Development Consultant
Office of the Chief of Police
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Assists the Department in acquiring additional public and private grant funding and other resources.

Consent Decree Consultant
Office of the Chief of Police
2004, 2005, 2006

Works with senior staff on consent decree compliance issues and helps the Department attain compliance.

Modular Training Facility
Air Support Division

Built state-of-the-art training center in the Air Support Division hangar. Training for LAPD and other air units from around the state can take place on site. The center features classrooms, offices, a weight room and conference room.

Enhancing the LAPD’s Video Production Capabilities
Office of the Chief of Police

Consultant services to assess the work of the LAPD Video Unit and to provide consultation and training to enhance the department’s ability to write, edit and produce internal communication and training videos.

Plan of Action
Office of the Chief of Police

After researching the LAPD, a team of consultants developed a Plan of Action which provides an overall framework and set of goals for the Department and is used to achieve crime reduction and prevention objectives.

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