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Special Campaigns
2003 Grants

Community Relations
Counter Terrorism
Crime Prevention
Officer Safety
Staff Morale & Wellness
Traffic Safety
Youth Programs

Crime Prevention                        back to top

Mobile Billboard
77th Street Area

An outreach tool for Project Safe Neighborhood, a nationwide program aimed at reducing gun crime. The traveling billboard was presented at a press conference and driven to various schools and community venues to kick off the program.

Community Relations                back to top

Promotional Items
Office of the Chief of Police
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Gifts for visiting VIPs and community members to increase the visibility of the Department, promote a positive image and enhance community outreach efforts.

Counter Terrorism                   back to top

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Informant Training
Counter Terrorism Division
2003 and 2005

Sent officers to advanced training on handling informants, who brought the information back so they could train other investigators in the Division.
Radio Cell Phones and Six Months Service
Counter Terrorism Bureau

Combo two-way radio/cell phone devices for deployment of three additional surveillance teams in response to terrorism threat.
Tactical Body Armor
Counter Terrorism Bureau

Provides ballistic protection against increased firearm threats for high threat tactical situations.

Equipment                                      back to top

Marine Hand-held Radios
Underwater Dive Unit

Water-resistant radios that operate on marine frequencies enable the Underwater Dive Unit to communicate with all law enforcement agencies and the Coast Guard, facilitating safer command and control of dive operations.

Audio Surveillance “Body Wire”
Detective Bureau, Gun Unit

Worn by Gun Unit detectives during undercover gun buy operations, it allows them to hear and record contact with undercover officers and suspects for quick response if the officer needs assistance.

Surveillance Equipment
77th Street Area, Criminal Surveillance Team

Equipment to aid in surveillance that targets gangs and violent crime. Allows for greater officer safety and efficiency, and provides convincing evidence to assist in prosecution of crimes.

Pack Saddle and Equipment
Metropolitan Division, Mounted Unit

Saddle, covers, straps and slings for securing equipment onto a horse for use in search and rescue operations to transport equipment by horseback when vehicles can’t be used.

Miscellaneous                                 back to top

Grant Development Consultant
Office of the Chief of Police
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Assists the Department in acquiring additional public and private grant funding and other resources.

Modular Training Facility
Air Support Division

Built state-of-the-art training center in the Air Support Division hangar. Training for LAPD and other air units from around the state can take place on site. The center features classrooms, offices, a weight room and conference room.

Strategic Plan to Reengineer Department
Office of the Chief of Police

Team of consultants brought in to organize and facilitate the work of reengineering teams staffed by Department personnel.  They provided research, analysis, policy formulation and writing skills.

Officer Safety
Alternate Air Source System
Underwater Dive Unit

Air systems for divers to provide backup in the event of failure of a primary air system.

Search and Rescue Harness
Metropolitan Division

Used by the Rapid Extraction and Dismantling Team, this safety harness is essential safety equipment used in raising and lowering officers and equipment by rope for civil disobedience and search and rescue operations.

Combo Boots, Saddle Pads
Metropolitan Division, Mounted Unit

Boots to protect the front legs of horses when hazardous objects are thrown at them and saddle pads to provide comfort and prevent injuries and soreness to horses after long periods of deployment.

Staff Morale & Wellness     back to top

Blue Star Banners and Pins
Military Liaison Office
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Banners and pins were given before the holidays to honor every family with an LAPD employee on active duty in the Armed Forces.

Explosives Unit

The Bomb Squad sometimes works shifts seven days a week with only four or five hours between shifts. Beds at LAX and the Bomb Squad office allow officers to get several hours of sleep before reporting for their next shift

Training                                         back to top

Staff Officers Annual Retreat
Human Resources Bureau

Allowed captains to be able to attend annual officers’ retreat and provided consultant to facilitate the retreat.  Prior to this, captains were not able to attend.

Traffic Safety                                back to top

Traffic Safety Materials and Supplies
Central Traffic Division & West Traffic Division

Traffic safety materials for use in schools and community centers for educational reinforcement to the training done by traffic officers.

Technology                                back to top

Software & DVD equipment
LAPD Online

Software and related equipment that allow the Department to archive website information and compile historical reports.
Color Printers

Documentation and presentation of identified crime problems to assist in command decision making related to deploying personnel, allocating resources and creating crime reduction strategies. 
Scanner & Color Printer
Metropolitan Division

Prepare documents and photos taken from use of force, K-9 contacts and personnel investigations conducted in the field.
COMPSTAT Consultant
Office of the Chief of Police

Brought in expert to help the LAPD upgrade from the FASTRAC system to COMPSTAT, a computerized statistics process.  The consultant trained command staff on how to effectively use the system to reduce crime.

Youth Programs                        back to top

Explorer Program
Juvenile Division, Youth Programs Unit
2000, 2002, 2003, 2006

General funding for Explorer Program which provides special training for young people, ages 14 to 20.  Explorers are assigned to area police stations and provide thousands of community-service hours around the City.  Funding covers expenses such as the Explorer Academy, educational and cultural field trips and travel to competitions.

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