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Fact-Finding Mission to France

In light of the escalating terrorism threats to the United States and the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo, the LAPD wanted to learn about this type of attack and the intent behind it. The LAPD’s Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau asked for funds to send four officers to Paris, France, in March for a Fact-Finding Mission with members of the NYPD.

The mission included a series of intelligence briefings and tours of crime scenes. The main areas of interest for the LAPD tactical operations, command and control, interoperability, investigative strategies, forensics, and overall threat awareness. The officers attending wanted to bring back lessons learned and provide a detailed presentation for the LAPD, some additional City of Los Angeles departments, Major Cities Chiefs Intelligence Commanders’ Group, and county sheriffs’ organizations.

Cybercrime and Mobile Digital
Forensics Courses

Cybercriminals continue to find new and innovative ways to commit crimes over the internet. They constantly alter the manner in which they operate in an attempt to avoid being arrested and prosecuted. They are responsible for the theft of hundreds of millions of credit card numbers and the loss of billions of dollars. This crime trend is predicted to grow.

The LAPD’s Commercial Crimes Division approached the LAPF for funding for two classes: 1) Basic Cybercrime Investigation and 2) Mobile Device Forensics. The Basic Cybercrime Investigation Course will provide knowledge and skills for 120 LAPD officers that will be used in investigating cybercrimes and crimes that are in the cyber domain. Some of the objectives include obtaining knowledge on the current state of cyber law as it pertains to criminal law and gaining awareness of the role social media plays in law enforcement. The Mobile Device Forensics course will provide training for 40 LAPD officers in the seizure and forensic examination of mobile devices. These officers will be able to testify in court as experts in mobile forensics.


Each year, the LAPF proudly sponsors the Los Angeles Women Police Officers and Associates (LAWPOA) Professional Training and Development Symposium. What began as a small gathering of female-only LAPD personnel now draws hundreds of women and men in the public safety profession from throughout Southern California and beyond who seek to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

This year’s sessions covered post-traumatic syndrome, human sex trafficking, the pay-wage gap, mental health, as well as lessons learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Community Outreach

Law Enforcement Dodgers Baseball
Card Program

During the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, LAPD personnel carried Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cards to distribute to youth and community members as a way to promote favorable interactions between the police and the community. This program was recently reinstated, and the new baseball cards will feature various Dodgers players on the front and photos of different LAPD personnel, their bios, and an important campaign message on the back. This vital community outreach program allows Department personnel to interact within the community, particularly youth, in a positive way. Officers will use the cards as a force multiplier to enhance the quality of life in our communities.

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Juvenile Impact Program

LAPD's Juvenile Impact Program (JIP) is a 12-week boot camp style program intended for at-risk youth between the ages of 9 and 16 years old who have discipline and/or behavioral difficulties. The program offers a highly regimented and disciplined environment that provides physical training, classroom instruction and counseling for youth, as well as mandatory parenting classes that coach parents in anger management, communication skills and domestic violence.
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